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Who are we?

THE WEB DOCTOR is a full end-to-end web development company which is dedicated towards creating a positive impression on the minds of every person who visits your website. In our opinion the web creations happen after an in depth understanding of your business using field experience, insight and technical knowledge. 

Our forte is our rich experience in understanding of various businesses and our in depth knowledge of the latest technology. In short we have built our business on analytics of our experience and consistent research of new trends and technology. We infuse experience, observation, business understanding, technology and design to create each web impression across formats like websites, applications, social media, google search engine, banners or any other form of communication. 

We started off in 2001, survived the collapse and continued for a decade and a half adding over 3000 clients to our repertoire. We attribute this survival to the core of our company, our strength to deal with tough situations. This characteristic, is what we believe, sets us apart. 

We are both technology driven and creatively led. Our ‘impressions’ have been designed to provide business solutions.

And that’s not all. We focus on giving you lasting impressions by sustaining it and making your business visible and available to over 195 countries all over the world. It means taking your business to places it hasn’t been before. It also means developing more meaningful relationships with every single person who visits your website.

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