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For us completing the word count or stating the facts in a plain-Jane manner isn’t acceptable. Cut-copy-paste is a complete no no too. Amidst the dismalform of content writing in the market today we have managed to source some fabulous wordsmiths who indulge in the long lost form of writing.

These expert writers think first before writing down words. They spend a lot of time understanding ‘who you want to speak to’ and ‘what is it that you want to say’. Once they have that cracked they start writing content in the most engaging manner possible. They make sure that you’re not bored reading it.

Attention spans are reducing. So boring content is like slow death. Our writers want readers to live on to read more. So with our writers, your websites will always be safe.

At The Web Doctor we do a thorough research on tone of voice, writing style like staccato, linear, non-linear and other forms before we put pen to paper.