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I have known you since the last year and my brother-in-law, Mr. Udit Agrawal had suggested about your web designing. My mother-in-law ,Mrs. Savita Agrawal, owns the Shree Yash Art Gallery and we were on the hunt for a web-site as we had various problems regarding this with our previous web developer. As Kayzad, took over , gave us an all together new insight to the programme, it has helped us work in the art gallery. He has provided us help and proper assistance as and when required and his staff has been equally friendly and warm always ready to help and guide irrespective of the amount of time needed. It is a pleasure to work with Kayzad. He has the right perspective and proper knowledge and takes the wheels on the right track. Despite knowing that his work is technically sound and he has the perfect know how of the input , he is a down to earth human being with no airs , that's what i gathered by talking on the phone , though i have never met. One needs this kind of quality work to go further.
assistant director - Shreeyash Arts
Mrs.Savita Agrawal